Hi all .. Our leader at 1st Lilydale Raksha (Tracey Clark) is very ill with breast and bone cancer. She is willing herself with support of family and friends to get back to full health. Her fantastic group of friends have rallied around her to create a fundraiser to support her ongoing  medical treatment plus maybe just relieve the everyday life stresses to concentrate on making a full recovery. 

Tracey was a Guide Leader in the Ringwood Croydon area  and joined up to be a cub leader at 1st Lilydale in 2012 as her son was linking in the near future to the Cub Pack. As the 1st diagnosis of cancer took place last year she was cleared to be a leader but detirminedly she has stayed the course completing the online training the tech skills and inservice. She was  booked to do her basic training this weekend at Gilwell but is postponed again. Her uncle? Keith Sandford wrote the Bumpy Roads column for VicScout for many years. The 1st Lilydale Scout Group is committed to supporting Tracey and the activities of her children  as she stood up for the group when it was needed. 

Can you help ?? There is a Facebook page and you can follow the link here https://www.facebook.com/Traceysfundraiser?fref=ts

those who dont have Facebook here is a copy of the text. 

I have created this page to ask our local community for donations to help raise funds for a dear friend of ours. Tracey is a local mum with 3 gorgeous children and is battling Terminal Breast Cancer.
This page is to help us raise some money for our dear friend to take the burden away from her and her family. We are also happy for all businesses that donate to promote their buisness on this page as a way of saying thank you to those that have helped. All businesses that donate will be listed in a document titled Donator list. We will be holding a special night with all Tracey's family and friends. We will be having silent auctions, auctions, raffles and much more on the night. We are after donations of prizers for these and appreciate all that open their heart to this local family. If you would like to donate any items please just pm the page or call Belinda on 0411552310. Thank you

I know there is a few out there who have helped so already so a big thankyou to you.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated by all. 

Tim Smith 

Scout Leader 1st Lilydale 

0438 082 924