Sherbrooke Forest District held its annual Billy Cart Mudbash at Gilwell Park on Sunday August 25th. 100 colourful Cubs and 25 leaders all dressed in the 'Circus' theme came along to have a great time at 7 different 'Circus' Bases run by the Pack Leaders. The Cubs enjoyed Circus Tricks, Circus Training, the Strongman Challenge, Circus crafts, a Circus Water Slide and a Balancing Act Base that saw them covered in slime and flour! Very hard to balance a cup of coloured slime on your head whilst negotiating an obstacle course!! The Cubs also pushed their billy carts down Peppermint Drive in the Circus Speed Trials.

Opening Parade saw the Packs with their decorated Billy carts do a lap of honour of the Parade Circle. The Billy carts looked amazing as did the Cubs and the Leaders.

This years honours went to: Best themed Pack: 1st Monbulk   

Best themed Billy Cart: 1st Emerald/Selby and 1st Ferny Creek

Fastest Billy Cart : 1st Upwey with Jack at the wheel.

The Sherbrooke Forest Mudbash Trophy : 1st Belgrave Sth.

It was a great day at Gilwell Park with the Cubs doing what they do best - getting wet and muddy and having a huge amount of Fun!