We have a range of promotional material available to you to use for any event or campaign you are involved with. Our brochures and posters are a great way to show and explain Scouting quickly and conveniently. 

The brochures are DL size and colour-coded for each section. They contain basic information on Scouting, the section and have a place for you to put your own Group and contact details. The written information is backed up and put into images with many colourful, active photos, relevant to the section.

There are also brochures for Leaders, Adventurous Activities and a general all-of-Scouting one, again with suitable photos and information.

In addition, there is a generic 'postcard' on Scouting and a poster available in either A1 or A3 size.

You can view most of these items on the Brochures and Posters microsite.

So how do you get them?

Order through Extranet - All brochures and posters can be ordered through the Extranet. Under the 'Admin' tab, choose 'Scout Shop Online' on the left hand menu and click on the 'Visit Scout Shop' option that comes up. A new page will open. Choose 'Promotions' from the 'View Products by Category' drop down menu to narrow the selection of items, and order what you need.

Order Direct - If you would like to order direct please send an email by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Please specify how many you want of each item, who you are and a full address to send the items to. 

Please note that the best and most efficient way to order any of these items is through the Extranet!