1st Tullapark along with 3000 other cubs survived the great week of fun that was Cuboree 2014.

The adventure began when the bus pulled into the Bunnings carpark in Craigieburn where along with the Craigieburn cubs we all left our mums and dads and group leader and sent off for CUBOREE!!

After a bit of a trip and collecting Diggers rest and 3rd Sunbury cubs along the way we arrived a Gilwell which was to be home for the next 5 days. For many of the cubs this was very exciting as they had never been to this campsite before and there were already heaps of cubs there.

After the bus was unloaded and the bedding set up we really got into Cuboree mode. The fun was happening and we met the Tasmanian cubs who were going to be part of our pack for the week. The Opening ceremony was really exciting , we really liked the dancing, even our leaders were dancing.

The next few days were wet, windy and wet but did that stop us from having fun...NO WAY. And when the activity was one that got us wet and muddy and wet ....we were there sliding, throwing and enjoying the yukkiness of the activity. Our leaders even got into the mud and we had heaps of fun getting them with the wet sponges and slime. We really like Never never land and Cherry lane.

On the Wednesday the sun started to peep out and that was good as it made not all the day wet, we went to Puffing Billy. It was a great day and we had so much fun riding on the old steam train. When we got back our pack went to visit our group leader - Woodstock and our District Commissioner - Red, they were working in the Sub Camp 1 doing Welfare ( none of us had to visit them for welfare luckily). Red and Woodstock were really happy to see us and we told them all the great things we'd been doing, they were a bit jealous.

Thursday was our last day so it was really busy doing heaps of fun stuff like Time Lords and Discover Scouting- we heard about Jamboree and most us are really excited to go to that. The weather was beautiful and we were really tired by the time we got back to camp to have tea but we couldn't go to bed because it was the closing ceremony. At the ceremony Woodstock and Red came and sat with us and we all enjoyed the music and were a bit sad when they told us that the Cuboree was over.

Friday we had to pack up all our gear and make sure we had all our stuff from our tents. The boys tent was the tidiest.. everyone was surprised they did a great job. We then had to get back on the bus ready for home. Red and Woodstock were there to wave us goodbye, they had to stay to help pack up the Sub Camp, they were sad to see us leave.

We had a great time at the Cuboree and we are planning to go to the Tasmanian Cuboree next year and meet up again with our new tassie friends. Some of us will be old enough to attend the jamboree and that will be great too.

We want to thank our Leaders who came along and gave us such a great time. Thanks Rikki, Raksha, Bargheera, Bibbi, Rhan and of course the parent helpers and the best person on camp was our cook he made really yummy food. Thanks to Red and Woodstock who brought us the chocolate frogs. Thanks to our parents that helped setup and breakup the campsite.

Biggest thank you goes to our parents who let us go away for a week and who paid all the money. They missed us heaps and we didnt miss them but we told them we did otherwise they might of been sad.

We had the most awesome time ever and we want to do it again yeah!!!!

1st Tullapark Cubs - Sally, Ari, Roy, Harrison, Connor, Dustin, Jackson, Sally 

Watch this space for more photos

 IMG_3722 IMG_3724 IMG_3726                       

    All hands on deck setting up the camp site ready for the Cubs to move in on Monday


  Here's Tullapark and Craigieburn ready to leave    


   Woodstock says good bye to the cubs and she'll see them at camp

IMG_3775 IMG_3780 

IMG_3785 IMG_3781

Closing Ceremony  - Everyones having a great time