It was Halloween and the Tullapark Venturers were scaring the little joeys and cubs ( but in  a fun way)

They had lots of fun games and things for the kids to do. They had all come dressed up and looking great.

The venturers introduced them to their pet rat - Ben and Witchy Woodstock was there too, too scary.

                                               IMG_4060      IMG_4100

Firstly they played a game of Bobbing for apples and half the fun was putting your face into the water, catching the apples was much more challenging as they kept floating away as your nose got close to them.

IMG_4068  IMG_4072

Then we tried to eat our body weight in a donut eating competition with a difference.

IMG_4083  IMG_4077

We also played whats the time Witchy Woodstock, Witches hats away, and make your own mummy....

IMG_4086  IMG_4088  IMG_4098  

Everyone had fun and joined in the find your scary pet hidden in the slime or was it the spaghetti or water crystals????

IMG_4103  IMG_4107

Everyone got to take home some creepy cookies and slimy lollies and some creepy stories.