Registrations are now open for Hoadley Hide 2014: A History of the World. Head to to sign up!

All Venturers, Rovers and Leaders attending the event are required to register online by 11th April 2014.

To qualify for bonus points for the Steak Dinner, or to take up the shuttle bus option to/from the railway station, individuals need to get their applications in by 4th April 2014.

The Hide is the annual activity-based bushwalk camp for Venturers held each Easter. This year it's being held near Amherst (20 km out of Maryborough). During the day teams of Venturers head out and do activities (stunts), and at night come together and camp at the Venturer Overnight Camp (VOC) where there's music and entertainment.

There are three team categories available for Venturers to choose from. These are outlined in full on the Entries page on

  • Challenge Teams - for teams competing to win the Hoadley Hide competition
  • Initiative Teams - for those wishing to complete their Initiative course towards their Venturer Award (while also competing to win the Hide)
  • Participant Teams - for teams who just want to take it easy and have a blast

If you can't get a full team together, you can register as an individual or an incomplete team (2-3 people). We will combine you into full teams at Check-In. So there's no excuse not to come to Hoadley Hide this year!

We will again be providing a shuttle bus pickup/dropoff option from the train station. If you can get yourself there by V-Line services, we'll make sure you get to the site. Make sure you register by 4th April 2014 to register for pickup/dropoff. Details will be available as a PDF on the very soon.

Specific details about the when and where for Venturers, Leaders and parents will be emailed and available online from 7th April 2014.

For more information on conditions of entry, team categories, equipment lists, bonus point including Steak Dinner requirements, the initiative course, the Pre-Hide Project, the rogaining/night trial activities, and the transport shuttle option (coming very soon!), please refer to Header over there and register now!