The Joeys of Hume district had a rehersal for the upcoming Kangaree. While some of the joeys will not be attending it was still a fun night for all that attended.

The Joeys arrived at the Tullapark Scout hall and of course there was heaps of fun planned for all. A huge bonfire had been lite ready for their damper twists which looked really interesting. They took a nature walk along the creek and heard the various frogs and insects that live there.

Once the damper was twirled around their sticks it was out to the fire to cook them up ready to eat. They all got to make their own campfire nightlight from sticks that they had collected around the hall.

Once it was time for bed we all got into our PJ's and into sleeping bags to watch the Kangaree video, this excited some so much that they just cant wait for April to come.

Morning and breakfast and mum, home. A great time with our Joey buddies.Thanks to our leaders for giving up their Friday night and letting the joeys have an exciting time.