The 28th of March was again the Top Gun camp , held at Treetops in Riddles creek, its a camp run by Venturers  for the Scouts. The camp is held once a year and has a different theme (based on a movie) for the stunts and costumes.

This year the theme was "Alice in Wonderland". As there are 2 versions to follow it was the Johnny Deep version that was most popular with everyone, so the costumes and charaters were quite strange.

There were 14 stunts for the scouts to complete during the saturday, all very different and the scouts got to vote on the stunt they liked the best while the venturers gave the scouts points for being able to attempt and complete the stunt.

With over 215 scouts and venturers running around the park in varying dress it made for a very interesting sight.

Tullapark Venturers ran a stunt based on the Mad Hatters tea Party. They had the scouts going into the rabbit hole, becoming the caterpillar, playing weird games of paint twister and trying to retrieve their crockery for the tea party from the bottom of a bin filled with dyed water crystals. By the time the scouts got to the tea party which was in the middle of the huge maze they had to then drink their tea at the fastest pace and place their teacups on their heads, yep they werent always empty.

By the sounds of laughter I'm sure that all cast and visitors were having fun which is what the whole weekend is about. besides the Tullapark stunt there was a commando course with a wet difference, Flemingo mini golf, Zorb balls and various others . As well as the venturers running around in strange costumes there were quite a few leaders as well, they never want to be left out.

One the Sunday the venturers ran modified versions of their stunts for all the cubs and joeys that came along to see whats going on. Also a good old fashioned sausage sizzle was held, feeding the droves of members on site.

Parade came finally and the winners announced...........

Best Dressed Scout        goes to..............Mikayla    1st Tullapark  yeah

Best Dressed Venturer   goes to...............Ben         1st Tullapark  yeah yeah

Best Stunt                    goes to..............................1st Tullapark  YEAH  WOOO

These guys had spent a lot of time working on their costumes and stunt so well done to everyone. Thanks heaps to the Venturers who ran the event as a great time was had by all.

Other Venturer units and scouts that didnt attend put this in your calanders as a have to do event for next year.