The Winter Solstice rogaine results are in, and Scouting was pretty well represented amongst the general grouping of 'schools, Scouts & cadets'. The full results are on the Victorian Rogaining Association's (VRA) website, although it takes some interpretation!

There are separate Scout and Venturer trophies and as best as I can make out, the top Scout team (800 pts) were Luke, Christopher, Jacob, Ethan & Casey from 1st Gisborne; second were Sarah, Isaac & Hayley also from 1st Gisborne (530 pts) and third were Kyle, Archie, Liam, Dino & Donna from Baden Powell Park (460 pts). 

The winning Venturer team was Scott & Monique from 1st Olinda (640 pts) and Flynn & Wil from 1st Mansfield were second (290 pts).

The sole Rover team of David & Danny from E J Marshall Rover Crew had 740 pts but there isn't a trophy - sorry guys. Someone could always make one - that's how the others appeared a few years ago!

Overall placings amongst all the Scout, school & cadet teams had Luke, Christopher, Jacob, Ethan & Casey from 1st Gisborne in 4th place - an excellent effort as the top school teams are very good. David & Danny from E J Marshall Rover Crew came in 7th overall - quite close, because 60 points in rogaining is only a checkpoint or two.

In the unofficial but hotly contested leader section, James, Zed, Blaze, Shane and Jodie from 2nd Strathmore had 630 pts and second were Allison & Andrew from 10th Ivanhoe with 540.

Overall eighteen teams competed on a very pleasant day for winter. Well done to everyone for going along!

The event will be on roughly the same time next year, as always. In the meantime, you are able to enter any rogaine. This one is really a normal rogaine, the VRA just makes it a school/Scouting/cadet special event to create a bit of competition. Just visit their website any time for all the latest info.