Agoonoree 2015 V3

A camp catering for Scouts with special needs “Treetop’s” Scout Camp, Riddell’s Creek Friday 25th September to Monday 28th September 2015 Camp Chief: Michael Baden-Powell

Any Registered Member with disabilities or special needs. Scouts should be accompanied by a companion/carer who must be competent to take complete charge of their Scout in all areas of personal care and behaviour on all activities at all times.

Covers food, accommodation & activities $80 Full Time Participant (this also applies to companions/carers) $55 for peg fed (nil food) participants $25 per day

Scouts and their companions will be sleeping in the Pack Holiday Centre.

Main activities will be arranged to cover a wide range of capabilities. There will be also a number of optional activities which scouts can take in at their leisure.

Activity Patrols
Scouts will work in patrols made up of 2 or 3 participants + companions/carers (+ extra helpers if necessary).

“Dream Award”
All participants are eligible to achieve the “Dream Award”. At least 3 main activities must be attempted.

It should be noted that disabled people are not usually sick people; nevertheless there are sometimes complicated medical regimes that will need attention & suitable facilities will be available.
First Aid will also be available 24 hours if necessary.

Peter Rutley: 0403 385 556 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
David Blake: 0425 892 556