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Patrol Activity Camping Gilwell Park


Patrol Camping Gilwell Park has nine fun activity camps in 2017.   This page provides general information about our camps, which include: 

  • Abseiling – activities include abseiling, hay box cooking and mapping.
  • Two Tradesman Camps – metal shaping, welding, using a forge, and electronics .
  • Two Environment Camps – The April camp has activities supporting the World Scout Environment Badge and the November Camp has activities supporting the Pioneer and Explorer Environment Target Badge requirements.
  • Two Rogaine Camps – how to use a compass and orienteering and Rogaine courses – come and break the records set.
  • Communication Camp – with activities supporting the Communications Badge for Scouts.
  • JOTA – includes fourteen activity bases and a night fair.

Click on the "Events" menu tab to view the list of camps and their dates.   Move the screen's pointer to the heading of the desired camp and click to view details of activities, costs and what to bring. 

Following feedback and discussion with Leaders the aim and activities for the Environment camps have been swapped for 2017 to better support wanting to achieve their Scout Medallion.   The April camp activities supports Scouts wanting to achieve the WSEB (equivalent to the Adventurer Environment badge) and the November Environment camp now supports the Pioneer and Explorer Environment badges.



  • Abseiling & Bushcraft -                                     March 4 ~ 5
  • Welding / Forge / Soldering       April 1 ~ 2  Fully Booked     
  • Environment (WSEB)                                        April 29 ~ 30 
  • Orienteering / Rogaine                                     June 3 ~ 4                                              
  • Radio Communications              July 1 ~ 2    Cancelled
  • Orienteering /Rogaine                                      August 12 ~ 13
  • Welding / Forge / Soldering       September 2 ~ 3  Fully Booked
  • JOTA                                                             October 20 ~ 22
  • Environment (Pioneer/Explorer)                         November 11 ~ 12

All camping equipment is provided.   Scouts need only bring their personal gear and some items to support the activities they take part in.

Enquiries: Ring Ian Campbell, on 0403 181 268, or Email:

Bookings: Please ring Ian before making a booking.  Click here to view booking/application form.   It's a word document.  Forward completed application form together with payment for chosen camp/s (note full cost per Scout secures a booking).   Payment is by  EFT Payment to - Bendigo Bank- BSB: 633000 A/C No. 112450085 in name of Gilwell Park Patrol Activity Camping Unit and send copy of EFT receipt plus camp application by email to

A receipt will be sent as confirmation of your booking, together with information listing personal items for Scouts to bring and instructions on how to get there.

How to get there: Gilwell Park is located on the Gembrook to Launching Place Road - 5.5 km North from Gembrook.   The Outdoor Activity Centre can be found by going west along the driveway, from Gateway No.4 (located next to number 1 Car Park), at Gilwell Park.

Click here to view ways to Gilwell Park.

Click here for a map of Gilwell Park.

Rubbish Free Camping at Gilwell: Gilwell Park is a rubbish free camping area and to meet this requirement Patrols are asked to take their rubbish home with them in suitable containers - we recommend Patrols separate recyclables from rubbish.

Help Gilwell Park's environment by bringing your own firewood.

Camping equipment is available for hire (for use at Gilwell Park) for non-Patrol Activity weekends.