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Power Boat Skills Development Programs

Course Details

The Power Boat Operator course includes two days for on-water practical and theory sessions, plus some self-paced theory work of some 4 to 8 hours over the preceding week or so. This course is for small powered recreational craft and is conducted to the Yachting Australia (YA) requirements.

This course is also the Scouts Victoria minimum standard of qualification for the operator of any power boat being used on a Scout event.

Special allowance is no longer made for applicants who already hold a Victorian Government Power Boat Marine Licence. The course is based on competency skills which, since January 2013, are also Scouts Australia Institute of Training recognised. It is now necessary that all candidates attend the course in full, including doing the theory test paper. Additionally, our agreement with our Instructors on behalf of the Dept of Transport requires us to assess candidates to the full YA National Power Boat Certificate syllabus.

For those applicants who do not hold a Victorian Government Power Boat Marine Licence, the course can also provide a certificate of exemption for the Recreational Power Boat Operator Marine Licence Test by VicRoads through pre and post-course study, workbook and written test.

Subject to availability of instructors, the minimum number of participants for the course is 3 and the maximum is 8, unless applicants can bring their own Scout Group IRB or small power boat.

Please contact the State Leader of Sailing and Power Boating for further information via state.sailing@vicscouts.asn.au, or refer to the information about the Team's upcoming activities on the Powerboat microsite or via team app at https://svsspbt.teamapp/com

Supplementary Courses

(Scouts Victoria Code 513 & 514)
Power boat training in both Power Boat Operator and Safety Boat Handling are based on the Yachting Australia syllabus for National Power Boat Handling Certificates. The courses are open to older Venturer Scouts over 16, Rovers and Leaders. These two courses fall under the supplementary course category and are not part of the Activity Wood Badge Program.

Prerequisite for the Power Boat Operator course is the Victorian Government Power Boat Operator license. Or it can be done as a pre-course workbook with a written exam during the course that, when completed to required level of competency, gives a certificate that exempts sitting the Victorian Recreational Power Boat License Test at a Vic Roads office. For those who already hold the above License, attendance and participation in the full two days of the on-water skills and theory are still required. Note that the prerequisite for the Safety Boat Course is at least 30 hours of logged power boat operation. Helping on sailing courses may provide power boat operator hours on a log book, along with gaining increased practical knowledge and skills.

Power Boat Operator Skills Course

The syllabus covers the requirements of the National Powerboat Certificate for Planning and for Operation. This two and one-half day course covers the knowledge and skills aspects of boat preparation, operation, navigation and practical competency requirements. It will include written tests of elements covered in the course and during pre-course study. These tests are used for both assessment and audit purposes and, if required, can lead to a certificate of exemption from the Victorian Power Boat Operator Test at Vic Roads. The course is one of the prerequisites for the Safety Boat Course.

Safety Boat Operator Skills Course

The syllabus covers the requirements of the National Powerboat Certificate for Safety Boat Operator. This two day course covers the knowledge and skills aspects of safety boat preparation, operation, navigation and practical towing in different ways and rescue requirements.