Promotions - Setting Up A Promotion Booth

Setting Up A Promotion Booth

Setting Up A Promotion Booth

We often questions about how to set up a stall at a school fete or other community festival... While there are no hard and fast rules, below are some tips on how to make the day successful.

Prepare Early

Contact Scouts Victoria to get hold of enough brochures for all the sections - these can be ordered on the extranet via the admin tab, Scout shop online, category promotions. Each District has a marquee, pull up banners and tear drop flags for use at events and we have spares at Victorian Scout Centre in Mt Waverley that can be borrowed.  Line up enough youth members to be available across different times, throughout the period of the event. With their natural enthusiasm, they're often the best 'sales' people for Scouts.

Location, Location, Location

If possible, negotiate with the event organisers to get a good position that will have high foot traffic.  Smile nicely as these locations will be in high demand :)

Know your equipment.

If this is the first time you or your team has set up a display, make sure you have all the pieces for the banners/display stands/marquess, and practice assembling them in the stress free home environment before the event.  Also allow twice as much time as you first think to setup... you'll get quicker, but the first time is the hardest


Rather than having a static display, try to organinse an activity to involve potential youth & adult members.  This could be craft, knot trying demonstrations, ice blocking, making your own rope bridge, or arrange for Max the Scout Mascot to turn up, email him .  You could also contact the Abseiling team to see if the Abseiling Tower is available.  Try and keep the activities simple, look at your section program for inspiration, try and pick activities that do not need an intense amount of supervision.  Something that does work well is having a come n try Scouting event advertised at each event you attend, invite people to come along, tell them when you expect to see them at the Hall.

Request Printed Brochures

Make sure your have plenty of Scouting brochures for people to take away with them, allow plenty of lead time for the Victorian Scout Centre to dispatch them.  You can also order a Group specific flyer - click here to see some examples.