Promotions - Signs At Halls

Signs At Halls

        Do you want a free sign promoting your hall?


Here is an example of a sign put up by a local real estate agent and placed outside 1st/8th Blackburn.  This was done for free, by the local real estate agent.  The Scouting artwork was done by the Marketing Team at Victorian Branch.

How do you get one for your Hall?

Contact your local real estate agent(s) to see if they're interested to help promote Scouting in your area.  They know the local by-laws and should be able to tell you if they can place on on your hall site if it is a council owned property.

This won't be the first time they've been asked to assist with this type of promotion and are usually very enthusiastic to co-brand within their communities. 

When they've agreed, send in the Agents contact details (via email) to us with information about your Group.  If you have some great pictures we can even use those on the sign.

We can change the wording and placement. They are also great to promote an annual event such as Christmas Tree sales!

We will then discuss format, sizes, etc. of the sign with the agent and provide you with a proof and then send the artwork to the Agent to finish and install.

You can see how well these signs can promote the Group and the fun that is available through Scouting.