Amateur Radio BadgeAmatuer Radio Badge

A member of Scouts Australia who obtains an Amateur Radio Operator's Certificate of Proficiency, in accordance with Government regulations, may wear the Amateur Radio Operator Badge on the right sleeve of the uniform.

The latest qualifications and conditions can be found at

The badge is a gold diamond with a green band across the centre and is issued on the authorisation of the Branch Activity Leader. A register is kept at Branch of their issue.

To apply for the Badge, please download the Amateur Radio Operators application form, complete and post to us with a copy of your Certificate of Proficiency and cheque/money order.



JOTA / JOTI Badges may be awarded to participants in JOTA / JOTI activities. These badges, produced each year for the International JOTA / JOTI event in October may be ordered via the Branch JOTA / JOTI co-ordinator. 

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