Rafting - Barcom Overview

Barcom Overview

BARCOM is a unique Venturer Activity, conducted in the September school holidays each year, consisting of 4 rafts 3 m wide x 4.8 m long on which deck boxes are provided  to carry food, water, cooking equipment, tools, packs, tents and personal equipment for the week.
Each raft has a crew of 8, so each expedition can accommodate 32 participants. BARCOM is an activity that challenges and enhances your scouting skills by active participation in building, launching, provisioning, rowing and navigating a raft down the mighty Murray River. Rafting expeditions provide plenty of exciting challenges, requiring first class teamwork and initiative to overcome situations as they arise. (River conditions change constantly) Lasting friendships are formed and the experiences will be relived many times and spoken about for years to come.
BARCOM provides all materials, food, and experienced, qualified male & female Leaders and a great adventure.

For more information or to organise a visit to your Unit use the Barcom contact form or email barcom@vicscouts.asn.au


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