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Info About Society

This page is about information on society as a whole, and young people's place within it.


Social Needs Directory

An easily navigable and searchable directory of key reports and submissions concerning social needs in Australia since 2007, with an emphasis on those released in the last 4 years.  Each of over 500 reports and submissions can be directly accessed through the directory by clicking on the report or submission name. Areas of interest to Scouting include children and youth.

Mission Australia's annual Youth Survey 

This survey asks young Australians aged 11 to 24 what they value, where they turn for advice and support, what issues concern them, how they are involved with their community and their feelings about their future.

State of Australia's Young People

A Commonwealth Government report on the social, economic, health and family lives of young people. This report presents   comprehensive picture of how young Australians are faring by bringing together data from a variety of sources and drawing on the comments of young people themselves.

World Values Survey

The World Values Survey project conducts national surveys in around 90 countries every five years. Participating countries provide the public and researchers with information about social attitudes across the world that can be used for national research and international comparisons.

This link allows you to access the complete Values Studies results online. You may browse the variable index and see question texts, frequencies for each answer, crosstabs of each question by country or any other variable, and even graphics. You do not need to be skilled in statistics to get immediate results. 

McCrindle Research

Sydney-based social research firm; strong focus on identifying the differences between different generations.

Word Up: a Lexicon and Guide to Communication in the 21st Century

A lexicon compiled by researcher Mark McCrindle: "To compile this lexicon we surveyed generations Y and Z, asking them for key words that they use – and the meanings. We used written and online surveys and informal discussions, so the words have come directly from teenagers and 20-somethings. We have also included contributions from researchers who have defined some words that they hear used regularly by generations Y and Z".