Find Your Nearest Rover Crew

There are two ways to find your nearest Group – Our Group Locator and Our Map

 Our Group Locator

Click on the above link to take you to a page that allows you to fill in some basic details. You will then see a list of Rover Crews near you, including details of how close they are, meeting times and links to their contact details.

 Our Map

Click on the above link to see a map of Victoria with all of our Scout Groups marked.

You can zoom in and move around the map to find a Rover Crew anywhere in the State. You can search by name (try your suburb or town) and also tick the box for just 'Rovers'.

Under the map is an alphabetical list of all our Scout Groups. This list will also be adjusted by your searches.

A search tip - Scout Groups usually have the name of the suburb in their name.