What Is Rovers About

Rovers is about friends for life

A Rover Crew is a growing group of friends. Crews generally meet weekly; sometimes at their own den, other times away. They also have weekend camps and activities, as well as parties and events with other Rovers. Crew have diverse programs that cater to all their members.

Every Crew is different. Each has its own traditions, special interests and personalities. A Rover Crew runs itself, with an elected Crew Leader and executive. The Rover Advisor and region Rover Community are there to support and guide.

Rovers is about the outdoorsRovers

Rover Crews love to camp. Camping can be a base for hiking, canoeing, motorsport or other activities, or it can simply be a chance to wind down, enjoy some gourmet camp cooking and have a chat.

Rovers have access to a vast range of adventurous activities. Through the Scouting Movement there is a huge network of expertise to help you build your skills or try something new. This also means that activities like snow sports and water sports are cheaper than anywhere else.



Rovers is about helping others

Rovers give back. We help out with Scouting activities and community causes.

Our motto is ‘Service’, and each Crew lives up to it in different ways.


Rovers is about challenge


Your personal goals are important. The Baden Powell Scout Award challenges you to develop existing skills or learn new ones. Also, there are plenty of opportunities to develop leadership and management skills within your Crew or while assisting with a major activity. If you prefer to roll your sleeves up, helping out at Mafeking Rover Park or one of the Rover ski chalets can give practical skills for your career and life. All this is possible because there are experienced Rovers and Rover Advisors to assist along the way.