Sailing - Typical Sailing Obc Level 1 Skills Development Program

Typical Sailing Obc Level 1 Skills Development Program

Duration: 4 days; 9am to 5pm. Continuous during school hols. Otherwise usually two weekends and fortnight apart.

Cost: $120 (2016)

The example below is a typical course assuming that the weather conditions are suitable for sailing. The course has a mixture of practical and theoretical skills. The practical skill sessions form
a major time component of the course, with each session normally about 2 hours duration.


  • Who we are
  • What we expect to gain and experience for the basic sailing course


  • Personal
  • Craft
  • Water and Environment Safety

Parts of a Boat

  • Use a Mirror as an example

Get changed

  • Sailing gear is the clothing of choice.

Rig a boat

  • select a 2 to three person craft

Points of Sailing

  • Starboard
  • Port
  • No-go zone
  • Reaching; Running; Close hauled

Beam Reach - theory
Going About - theory
Personal Flotation Device Selection

Practical Sailing - Go About; Beam Reach

  • Figure 8 course

Wind - theory

Practical Sailing

  • Diamond course
  • Going about with Wind

Practical Sailing - Windward

  • Traiangular course
  • Wind - go about at the windward marks

Downwind sailing

  • Reaching
  • Gybing
  • Running

Practical Sailing - Reaching and gybing

  • Squashed Diamond Course

Practical Sailing - Running and Gybing

  • Diamond shaped course
  • Tacking on windward leg
  • Running leg has a gybe

Practical Sailing - person over board recovery

  • basket ball is used as the crew overboard

Rule of the sea.

Practical Sailing - boat capsize recovery

  • Time for scouts to get wet.

Practical Sailing - Being Towed

  • Safety boat tows the boat

5 Essentials

  • Centre Board
  • Sail Setting
  • Balance
  • Athwartships Attitude (balance)
  • Trim attitude (fore and aft draft)
  • Course made good

First Aid

Weather (off shore wind) and Lee Shores (on shore wind)

  • Positive aspects
  • Negative Aspects

Sailing races

  • Diamond course
  • Focus is on fun
  • Check competency of scouts

Written test

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