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see you there May 19th-21st 2017

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Patrol Applications CLOSED

Leader Registration is still Open


For payment details see further down this page.


All Patrols attending Scouthike should have at least 1 leader, ideally 2, from that Troop attending to help out at SCOUTHIKE. (more are of course welcome.) Leaders and parent helpers are needed in a range of capacities to help make Scouthike operate successfully.

All leaders, parents and other adult helpers must have a current WWC.


Competition & Learner Patrols ....The cost is $60.00 per head for all Metro Region Scouts ,

(plus 100 Bonus Points, if received before 25th April )

this covers the cost of bus transport to and from the hike area, pennants for each Patrol, badges for each person involved, toilets, drinking water as well as administration costs.etc.

Country Region or Interstate Patrols pay $40.00 per head.

Cost for a leader accompanying a Metro Learner Patrol is $36.00 to cover the cost of the Bus.


Note: Until your payment is received your application is not complete and Bonus Points will not be allocated


When submitting your Payment Quote the Patrol Reference Number as shown on the email reply you received when registering


PLEASE NOTE: Final Parade is planned to start at approximately 2-00 pm and (hopefully)

everybody will be leaving the forest by 3-15 pm. Please arrange your parent pick up from your

Hall based on leaving the Forest around this time. 


 Tuesday May 2rd All Applications for Patrols will CLOSE

Leaders can still apply

How can I best prepare my Troop for SCOUTHIKE?

Getting the Troop ready for SCOUTHIKE requires the Scouts to have a reasonable level of skill in a number of areas.
The following list is a summary of skills required to make the Scout Hike experience a happy and rewarding one for Scouts, and easily translates into a number of months of programming ideas.


1.     Map – reading features, locate current position, grid systems, scale, route planning


2.     Using a Compass – locate current position, feature location, setting a map


3.     Menu Planning – dried foods, purchasing, planning content and quantity as a Patrol


4.     Lightweight Cooking – practice your meals and equipment needed (only open fires provided to be used)


5.     Personal Gear – what to take


6.     Patrol Gear – what to take, how to share


7.     Packing a Pack – how to pack


8.     First Aid – prevention and response to: blisters, fatigue, nausea, headache, dizziness, heat exhaustion, hypothermia, abdominal pains, bites and stings, leeches




How do I register as a leader/adult helper?


Ø   Click this button to Register as an Independent leader, or talk to the Scout Leader to register as a leader with a Troop

Before you Register it is worthwhile to check the Sleep Point page and see who the Sleep Point Coordinators are and phone (or email) the one relevant to you (ie: your Region or somebody you know) and offer your services so when you Register you can fill in what you are doing (such as Activity or Sleep Point).

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How do I change my Leader registration?


Ø   For a Leader Registered with a Troop, see your Scout Leader to update you details online, for an Independent Registered Leader, send an email to the Coordinator with your full name, group/formation and details of the change.


How much does it cost for Leaders?


Ø   Cost for a leader accompanying a Metro Learner Patrol is $36.00 (bus cost).


Ø   The only cost for any other leader, adult helper, Venturer or Rover assisting at Scouthike will be for catering, which is paid directly to your Sleep Point Coordinator.



Where is SCOUTHIKE being held?


Ø   The location of scout hike varies from year to year.




Overnight Accommodation for ALL Adults, Venturer's, Rovers and Leaders


Ø   All Adults, Venturer's, Rovers and Leaders asked to sleep with either their Sleep point or Activity site while at SCOUTHIKE.  Your Sleep point Co-ordinator or HQ needs to know where you will be. The SH committee need to know where you are in case of an emergency or evacuation.


Expectations or leaders throughout the weekend.


Ø   Leaders leaving a Sleep Point or Activity, OR arriving at another Sleep Point or Activity are expected to advise the co-ordinator of that site of the intentions. This is essentially a matter of common courtesy and part of our Risk Management Plan to help protect our youth members.


Interested in helping but don't know what you could do?


Ø   Here are some of the jobs available. The Leader/Helper Registration Form has a place where you can indicate your preferences if you haven't already been allocated a job.


Activity Site Leader
Determine / plan the Activity (as per the briefing provided by the SH planning committee)


Ø  Visit the site prior to the SH weekend, to look at how you can best set-up.


Ø  Liaise with Sleep point Co-ordinator regarding all plans for the weekend.


Ø  You will organize the adults / Rovers / Venturers needed (usually 4 - 6).


Ø Arrange the materials (depends on the activity), ensuring the activity is dressed up and ready for the Saturday morning start.


Ø Inspire your team to enjoy themselves and breathe magic into the weekend for the Scouts!


Activity Site Team Member
Assist the Site leader to plan & prepare the Activity.


Ø Turn up for the weekend, helping to set up, dress up and run the activity with the rest of the team.


Ø Be inspired and enjoy yourself, breathing magic into the weekend for the Scouts!


Be part of a team who provide meals for the 30 - 40 activity leaders who will be eating at a Sleep Point for the weekend.


Sleep Point Team Member
Arrive at the site Friday (ideally) or Saturday morning.


Ø Assisting SP Co-ordinator in a wide range of tasks to ensure the Scouts are provided for. This could involve:


Ø Booking Patrols in and out of the SP


Ø Checking Activities are running smoothly and have enough water throughout the weekend


Ø Supervising the Scouts set up camp and prepare meals


Ø Prepare & maintain cooking fires for the scouts


Ø Generally enjoy yourself whilst getting to know other leaders and supporting the Scouts.


Bus Captain
A job for a Leader, Venturer, Rover or other adult helper (not a LP hiker) who won’t be driving to / from the Scouthike site.


Ø Arrive at the bus departure point by 6.15pm Friday.


Ø Check in all Patrols who should be / are on the bus.


Ø Collect Patrol health forms and hand out Scouthike maps & Passports.


Ø Ensure the bus leaves on time. 7.00 pm


Ø Maintain acceptable bus behaviour during the journey.


Ø Ensure he bus is left clean.


Ø Help out on Sleep point or activities throughout the weekend.


Bus Point Marshall
For someone who can't attend the weekend, but can spare some time on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.


Ø Liaise with Scouthike Co-ordinator as required.


Ø Supervise the departure/arrival point for buses, directing Scouts and adults as needed.


Ø Use initiative to resolve issues as they arise at departure / arrival point.


Ø Wait until all Scouts have been collected on Sunday afternoon.