Scouthike - Learner Patrol Adult

Learner Patrol Adult


Thank you offering to accompany a leaner patrol.  A learner patrol is generally a patrol of younger scouts with little or no hiking experience. They should however have been well prepared before they attend Scouthike.  Before attending Scouthike it is very important that they have had good training in hiking and camping.

  • Clothing - footwear etc
  • Hiking equipment- Backpacks, water bottles etc
  • Food -  suitability
  • camp cooking - light weight equipment etc
  • basic first aid - managing minor ailments.
  • hygiene

Other areas such as map reading ,compass use, erecting a tent etc are also skills required.

As a learner patrol leader you are there primarily for security and safety for the younger scouts. Often the simple knowledge that a supporting adult is nearby will give these scouts the confidence to proceed. You are not there to continually help them, but to offer assistance if required. You are not to lead them or direct them unless they are really lost.

Please encourage your Patrol to walk as a complete team, going at the pace of the slowest member of the Patrol.

You are there as safety net , NOT as a tour guide.

Consequently it is important that if required all learner patrol leaders (you) understand the elements of hiking above and can read a map, use a compass, erect a tent, cook a meal on and open fire , understand about appropriate hike gear and see the indicators where first aid may be required.

At the Sleep Point you are allocated for both Friday and Satruday nights you will be camping separately from your Patrol - setting up your tent in the Leader's campsite. if you arrange with the Sleep Point Coordinator beforehand you can, for a price, be included in their catering with the Sleep Point Team.

Every fully trained leader in your scout group, or you district scout leader can assist you with understanding these requirement.

If you look and sound confident and knowledgeable your young scout will certainly enjoy their first hiking experience.