Scouthike - Sleep Point 6

Sleep Point 6

SP Coordinator: Paul De-Araugo 0419 405 243

Deputy Coordinator: Chris Sanders 0400 334 081

Activity U: Bennetswood Venturers

Activity V: Skipper Holland BP Guild

Activity W: 1st Bennetswood

Activity Y: 1st Heatherdale

First Aid


  • Radio operator: Peter Fraser

  • Radio operator: Ashley Fraser

Catering;1st Heathmont


in 2017 your food package MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE

As all supplies are pre-purchased including all the food, fuel etc. before we arrive.

Payments to District Account (details below) NO LATER THAN 5:00PM Wednesday17th MAY



  • 24 hour coffee, tea, hot chocolate and biscuits

  • ALL Meals FRI-Supper and or Dinner, SAT Breakfast ,Lunch, Dinner. SUN Breakfast, Lunch


  • SAT night dinner 

C : LATE ARRIVAL $ 40.00

  • 24 hour coffee, tea, hot chocolate and biscuits

  • SAT Lunch, Dinner. SUN Breakfast, Lunch

PAYMENT OPTION ( Must be received before 5.00pm 17/05/2017)

Direct transfer CBA Bank: BSB: 063146, Account:10001977

Please use your NAME and option A,B,C above when entering the reference details


Hi Leaders and friends. Scout hike would not function without the help of leaders, adults , venturers and Rovers.

SP6 ( sleep-point Six ) is one of six sleep-points , a HQ team, 4x4 team, first Aid and communications teams that are all integral in the running of scouthike. SP6 is run by Whitehorse district and once again in 2017 we are looking for volunteers to assist. We run a Sleep point, 4 activities bases near our sleep point, catering and welfare and this usually requires around 60-70 people.

If you are interested in helping please give me a call.