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In today’s urban lifestyle there isn’t a lot of wild left. Scouting people know better. We know not only where to find the wild, we know how to tame it.


This year’s Cohen Shield is all about showing our skills and learning new skills that we can use during our camping life in our Patrols. Coping with the wild is part of the Scouting journey, part of the adventure and something that our Award Scheme prepares us for. The activities in this year’s Cohen have been developed from suggestions from Youth Members. 

There are five activities which revolve around the Pioneer level Award Scheme and successful patrols could have the relevant items signed off in their green books back in their troops.

  • Citizenship – First aid
  • Campcraft - Kim's Games
  • Campcraft – Wet Fire
  • Construction - Shelter
  • Campcraft - Just for Fun 

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Online Bookings for all above venues - click here