Here are some Frequently Asked Questions with answers or a hyperlink for inofrmation. We hopw this helps


What level of training to I have to have completed to allow me to manage an Adventurous Journey?

Check out this graph which tells it all.

If you have completed your Basic Training and have a Certficate of Adult Leadership you are able to manage an Adventurous Journey. The distance travelled is to be 30kms therefore basic training is enough.


Where do I find the current information on Leadership course material and guidelines?

Check this link

The Branch Scout Council has recently revised this document. It is large but, we belive, contains all the information you will need to run a Leadership Course.


Why do I need to have a Camping certificate or my beads to take the Scouts camping?

You don't. In the Scout section you need to have a Certificate of Adult Leadership to supervise or authorise a Patrol Leader to run a camp.