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Scout Scuba Victoria

Scout ScubaScout Scuba Victoria is a Scout oriented scuba club. Membership is open to anyone who is a member of the Scout Association. Members who are  qualified scuba divers can enjoy scuba diving activities with other qualified Scouts Australia affiliated divers. Amongst these activities are opportunities  to undertake a number of lower cost diving experiences and to participate in social events.

Scout Scuba Victoria aims to facilitate the provision of lower cost Discover Dives - an opportunity to try scuba equipment in controlled waters ( a pool or similar) - and diving courses to those sections of the Scouting movement who are eligible  to undertake them under PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) or equivalent rules. Scout Scuba

These Discover Dives and diving courses are provided by external providers who hold appropriate qualifications and provide their own insurance.

Typically, Discover Dives are available to scouting members 12 years or older, who can meet the required medical provisions.  These include no asthma, epilepsy, ear problems or active upper respiratory problems.

PADI Open Water Dive Courses are available to persons of Venturer age and older, who mScout Scubaust be able to swim 200 metres and to pass an approved dive medical exam.

Scout Scuba Victoria aims to facilitate a number of Discovery Dive days during the year, as well as several open water courses. For those persons who are qualified divers, Scout Scuba provides a Scuba Camp weekend and regular diving days, which may include shore and boat dives. Usually, these dive days are associated with a social activity.

Members undertaking diving activities with the club are required to provide all, fully completed, normal scout permission and medical forms. Further, those undertaking courses will need to complete additional industry specific permission forms.