Sherbrooke Forest District

Dear Scouts and Leaders,

Welcome to the Sherbrooke Forest District Micro Site.

Information relating to the District Leaders and District Activities is available on this Micro Site. There are also pages for the District Seeonee and Mindari Groups which contain information for the Sherbrooke Forest District Leaders.

Click Here for Sherbrooke Foreste Calendar 2016 Rev 3

Sherbrooke Forest District contains the following Scout Groups: (Click on the groups for links to their home pages)

1st Upwey

1st Upwey External Home Page

1st Ferny Creek

1st Olinda

1st Belgrave South

1st Monbulk

1st Kallista

1st Selby

1st Emerald

1st Emerald External Home Page

1st Cockatoo

1st Gembrook

Yours In Scouting

Deirdre Lancaster

District Commissioner Sherbrooke Forest


Type: District