Special Needs - Scouts In Action First Aid Disability

Scouts In Action First Aid Disability

Scouts in Action Week

This is now an annual event. New material is produced each year on an area of health. Previous material is still available & you are encouraged to incorporate it into your program during the year.
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Scouts in Action Week (2011) 22nd – 28th August 2011 – focus on Disability Awareness.Scouts in Action Week

New material has been developed and all groups and sections have the opportunity to use this material found at the Scouts in Action week website by clicking here. The material will help broaden our understanding, but in a typical Scouting way. Learning by doing is part of the Scout Method and also the element of variety and fun. Learning Auslan, learning how to read Braille or holding a paintbrush with your feet and painting a picture of your Leader are all there in programs that have been specifically designed for your Section.

As an inclusive organisation, Scouts is for everyone and learning about disabilities will help all of us broaden our understanding of how having a disability can impact on people’s lives, not just those living with a disability but also how it can affect those around them.


Scouts in Action Week (2010) – focus on First Aid

A  range of first aid programs were developed specifically for Scouting. These are aligned with each Section’s Award Scheme. It is hoped that groups will incorporate first aid activities into their program using this material. Groups are encouraged to link with their local St John Ambulance Division so that they could assist by providing training, equipment, and even helping to set up mock emergencies to make the experience as realistic as possible. More information available by clicking here.