Spiritual Development - Duty To Your God

Duty To Your God

1. The policy of the Scout Movement, which includes members of many different forms of religion, is that all members should develop their relationship with the spiritual values of life by adhering to spiritual principles, through loyalty to the religion that expresses them by acceptance of the duties resulting there from.

2. The educational approach of the Movement includes helping young people to search for the spiritual values of life.

3. The privilege of adult leadership carries with it the obligation of encouraging the spiritual growth of youth members so that they may gain a deeper understanding of their Duty to God as they progress through the Movement.

4. The growing spiritual relationship can be encouraged by the regular use of carefully selected prayers for everyday Scouting occasions.

5. Members should be encouraged to attend services of their own religion.

6. A gathering of members of the Movement, known as a Scouts' Own, may be held for worship and to promote fuller realisation of the Scout Promise and Law, but is supplementary to, and not in substitution for, the religious observances outlined in (1) and (5) above.

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