Training - Wood Badge

Wood Badge

1. What do I need to do to complete my Wood Badge?

You need to have completed your Basic training, completed all of the relevant Advanced e-Learning and completed your Advanced Practical Course in the relevant Section.

At the course you will with the assistance of your Course Leader, decide on your project goals and objectives. You then complete your 10 hour project. The final checklist will be signed off by you and a Wood Badged Team Leader (more than likely your GL). You will then be assessed on the job for the next 4 months by the District Commissioner or their delegate. the forms are completed and are sent to Vic Scout Centre and we update your records and issue your Wood Badge.

2. I have completed my Advanced Course more than 12 months ago, can I now apply for a Wood Badge?

Yes, you can. However, you will need to complete a project and be re-evaluated. Your first step is to complete the goal setting paper and send to us at Vic Scout Centre, where it can be discussed/approved with the relevant Sectional Trainer. Once the approval has been given, you then complete the project, and then have the evaluation done. The District Evaluation and approval for Project must be current (within the last 12 months) for the Wood Badge to be issued .

3. What is the Advanced Training Individual Project?

The Advanced Training Individual Project is a personal project intended to extend your thinking and experiences and should be useful and relevant to your Scouting role. The project is on a subject chosen by you coming from an area of personal development identified by you and must relate to the Purpose of Scouting. Further information on the Project can be found in the Advanced Training Individual Project Guidelines document.

4. Who determines what I can and cannot do for my Advanced Training Individual Project and when does it occur?

You can begin thinking about what you may like to do for your Project as you progress through your training and Leadership role, as it is something that you personally identify as being of benefit to your role. Remember the Project must be based on the Fundamentals of Scouting. Discussion on your Project occurs on your Advanced Practical Course with the Course Leader at which point the goal and actions are finalised between you and the Course Leader.

5. Who assesses my Project?

Following agreement of your Project between you and your Advanced Practical Course Leader it is expected that you inform and discuss your Project with your Team Leader (DC/GL) on return from your Course. 

6. All outstanding Group debts (including training invoices must be paid before a Wood Badge is issued 

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