Victorian Scout Foundation - Projects


Gilwell Park Restoration Appeal

In 2000, the Victorian Scout Foundation contributed $100,000 toward the Gilwell Park Restoration Appeal. Gilwell Park is a facility of tremendous traditional and practical importance to Scouting in Victoria. Support from the Victorian Scout Foundation will help Gilwell Park maintain and further develop its crucial role in Victoria.

Victorian Scout Heritage Centre

The Victorian Scout Foundation has worked closely with the Scout Heritage Centre to further collect and preserve Scouting's unique history in Victoria. The Victorian Scout Foundation has funded the purchase of numerous items, as well as assisted the Heritage Centre to preserve and exhibit its collection. The Foundation contributes to the Centre with yearly grants to assist them in their work. Click here to go to the Victorian Scout Heritage Centre page.

Training of Leaders

The Foundation assists in reducing Scouting to Groups with a yearly grant of $50,000 to subsidise the cost of training of Leaders. This has the effect of reducing training fees significantly, so that all Leaders of the Group can be trained at the minimum cost.
Grant to date are in excess of $200,000.

Monster Raffle

The Foundation has provided the funding for the Monster Raffle for the 10 years since established  and this funding provides all the prizes and costs, so that all funds raised from the sale of tickets goes back to the Groups with no deduction for administrative costs.

Since inception over $5 million has been raised by Groups, helping them to upgrade their halls, send their members to activities and other projects.

Previous Projects

The Victorian Scout Foundation has previously subsidised production of youth publications and also assisted youth members to get to Scout events.

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