Whitehorse District Badge Day

Sunday, August 27th 2017

Badge day is an annual event on the Whitehorse District Cub Scout calendar. It is an opportunity for all Cubs in Whitehorse to earn, in a single day, up to 4 of the interest badges available to them that they would not normally have time to do at Cubs and which may be difficult to achieve at home in their own time. Each badge is usually run by a different pack in accordance with the requirements in the yellow Cub Scout Record Book. The cost of Badge Day is $5.00 for a single badge session, or $10 for two or more sessions and a BBQ lunch.

 Registrations are not yet open for 2017.

The badges on offer for Badge Day 2017 are listed below. All Level 2 badges have more than one item of individual pre-work that must be completed prior to Badge Day and which must be bought with the Cub Scout to the relevant session. The homework tasks will become available closer to the event. 

LEVEL 1 International Culture, Naturalist, FlightHandcraft

LEVEL 2 First Aid (Homework Workbook), Information Technology, CookingEntertainer

Special Note regarding Level 2 First Aid

Due to the specific requirements and resources of this badge, Cubs must be a minimum 9 years old (Grade 4) to be eligible to register for this badge. This Badge is run annually, so most will have an opportunity to do it some time in their cub life.

There is a specific First Aid work book which must be completed prior to Badge Day and this can be downloaded HERE

Badge Day uses the 2nd Blackburn Scout Hall, the Blackburn Bowls Club, Laburnum Guide Hall, and the adjacent Laburnum Primary School.


Questions can be directed to Kerryn Newbegin, Akela, 2nd Blackburn